Usage Guide

When first opening the app, the map will show all locations that fall within the search circle. Resizing and moving the map will resize the circle and search the new area. Tapping on the map will hide and show the search circle.

Filtering Locations
Tap on the three lines icon in the top menu to filter map locations. Filter settings are saved between app sessions. Items that the app currently show are:
  • Supplies: Toilet Paper, Masks, Sanitizer, & Lysol Wipes
  • Groceries: Water, Rice, Ramen, & Milk

Get Location Details
Tap on a red location to see what is available at that spot. Blue locations don't have any of the items, but stay visible so they can be updated when restocked. A location's info window will also say how far the location is from your current location via driving directions provided by the Google Directions API.

Editing a Location
If you notice a location has incorrect data, you can update it. While the location info window is open, tap on the marker pencil icon in the top left to edit a location's details.

Reporting a Location
If a location doesn't belong in the app anymore you can flag it for our awareness. While the location info window is open, tap on the flag icon in the top left to choose an email app. We added the location details to the email so we know which location to remove from the app, all you have to do is tell us why this location should be removed. Does this location not exist anymore? Was the location added with malicious intent? Add any details you can to the email so we know what to investigate.

Viewing a Location with Google Maps
Tap on the map icon in the bottom right to open relevant details about the location in Google Maps.

Tap on the direction button in the bottom right to get driving directions to the location from your current location.

Adding a Location
Tap on the add location button in the top menu to show the new map marker icon. Drag the map marker icon to the location you want to submit, then tap on it to enter location details. After you submit the location it will appear on the map, granted your filtering options don't hide it by mistake.